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Social-Emotional Behavioral Screening

As a continuous improvement organization, we reflect on feedback from our stakeholders and strive to respond in ways that meet the needs of educators and learners. The MiMTSS TA Center has received feedback that we can do more to center equity in social-emotional-behavioral (SEB) screening.  We will be taking time to explore, research, and gather additional stakeholder input about alternate SEB screening options. This pause will allow us to listen and learn from the Michigan community, and as we continue to keep abreast of the most current research evidence that is underway to explore the reliability, validity, and bias analyses of several universal screening tool options. We are continuously working to improve our understanding, tools and materials, and delivery system to promote equitable and effective outcomes for all students. The results of this work will be included in future training opportunities and information posted on the TA Center website. Future resources will include strategies to mitigate potential bias in both the assessments and the practices surrounding assessment.

We are working on expanding our resources to support educators in methods for gathering information and effectively acting on this information to improve academic and non-academic assistance. Currently, resources are available on the MiMTSS TA Center COVID-19 section of website to support students who require extra help during our current normal.  Additional resources are being developed and will be posted on the website soon.

We acknowledge and want to honor the work that has taken place in Michigan in developing the return to school plans. Many of these plans have incorporated the SRSS-IE as a screener. We are not suggesting that you change your plans. While inquiry is underway, we do know screening data predict important educational outcomes for students, and when used with other data, can promote equitable educational experiences. If you need resources for the SRSS-IE, please visit the Systematic Screening Section of the Comprehensive Integrated Three-Tier Model of Prevention website.

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