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An Event For: Individuals who are interested in using Pathways of Progress within the Acadience Reading Data System for setting goals and monitoring students' progress toward end of year goals in comparison to students who started the year with similar reading skills.

Acadience Pathways of Progress and Survey

Event Description

Note: SCECHs are pending for this event.

Pathways of Progress for individual, grade-level progress monitoring provides a tool to assist educators in: (a) setting an ambitious, meaningful, attainable student learning goal and an aim line for individual progress monitoring, and (b) evaluating the progress the student is displaying.

The Pathways of Progress provides a normative reference for professionals to consider when establishing a student learning goal and aim line. It also clarifies what rate of progress is typical, above typical, or well above typical. Pathways of Progress also informs educators when progress is below typical or well-below typical rates of progress.

Acadience Reading Survey is a set of testing materials useful for determining the appropriate progress monitoring level, determining the instructional level, and setting goals for students who have missed the prior benchmark goals and continue to struggle in acquiring basic early literacy skills. It may also be used with students who score in the strategic or intensive range during benchmark assessment as a way to get more information for instructional planning and goal setting. Each participant who attend the full-day training will receive a Survey Assessment kit.

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