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An Event For: Individuals who will be administering, scoring and interpreting data from the Acadience Reading K-6 measures

Acadience Reading Essentials and Acadience Reading Data Interpretation

Event Description

The MiMTSS Technical Assistance (TA) Center is pleased to make available the Acadience Reading Essentials and Data Interpretation online training through Acadience Learning.

In the Essentials training, participants learn to administer and score Acadience Reading K-6 and Acadience Reading Survey. During the Acadience Reading Data Interpretation Workshop, participants learn how to utilize their data. This workshop offers advanced training on the use of Acadience Reading K-6 assessment data in an Outcomes-Driven Model, perfect for schools implementing an MTSS framework.

Registration Details

Participants will have 60 days from enrollment to complete the online courses. Upon successful registration in Wisdomwhere, participants will receive a unique link for Acadience Learning registration. Participants must register with Acadience Learning using the link in the confirmation email. Acadience Learning will ship the training materials to the address provided by each participant.

If you have never registered for an event in our online registration system you will need to first create a user account.

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Other Information:

Event Cancellation: MiMTSS TA Center may cancel any training that does not have at least 10 people registered. In this case, we would refund the registration fee, if any, to the participant or his/her employer.

See our event flyer.

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