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Event Description

Note: SCECHs are pending for this event.

Event Flyer

The MiMTSS Technical Assistance Center is pleased to announce another webinar series.

Each hour-long webinar will feature a guest national speaker to expand on topics from the previous series. Presenters will share strategies for immediate implementation by educators.

Continued topics are:

  • Promoting a positive and effective school climate
  • Addressing social-emotional needs
  • Using high leverage instructional practices
  • Building relationships with families

Webinar Details

11/10/2020 Incorporating Trauma-Informed Practices within a PBIS Framework
11/17/2020 High Leverage Instructional Practices
12/1/2020 Creating Positive, Predictable, and Safe Learning Environments for All
12/8/2020 Engaging and Supporting Families with a Multi-Tiered Approach
All webinars are held 3:30-4:30 EST

A brief follow-up video for each session will be provided for administrators and another video for a School Leadership Team to support implementation.

Recap from Webinar Series 1

Did you miss any of the previous webinars or would you like a recap from each session? The key points and links to short video clips can be found in Highlights from Supporting Educators Webinar Series.

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