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An Event For: District or ISD MTSS Coordinators, School-Level Systems Coaches, EWIMS Facilitators, Secondary School Staff

MiEWIMS Data Coordinator Training Series

Event Description

Note: SCECHs are available for this event.

Michigan's Early Warning Intervention and Monitoring System (MiEWIMS) is a robust and integrated decision-making system to support educators in their efforts to ensure all learners will be engaged in school and on-track for high school graduation. Dashboards and reports provide educators with data to identify areas needing systemic improvements at a district, school, or grade level. In addition, data reports call attention to individual students who are showing early signs that could lead to dropping out of school. Teams examine the underlying causes of risk (push out and pull-out factors), match students’ needs to systemic and individual interventions, and monitor the impact of those changes. MiEWIMS is designed to be used in the context of Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) implementation to improve student access to evidence-based practices to support attendance, positive social emotional and behavioral well-being and high course performance for all learners.

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