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MTSS Supports for the MICIP Platform

Explore resources aligned with the MICIP Platform's navigation: Discover, Plan, and Implement. These resources should be used in conjunction with the MICIP Process Guide.

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MTSS Data Sets for MICIP

If your district uses the MiMTSS Data System to house its MTSS data, you can leverage the District-Wide MTSS data set template in the MICIP Platform. The guiding question for this data set is "How well are schools implementing MTSS, and is the district providing adequate support to schools?" To find this template, select "Discover Data" and scroll down to the "Explore Data Templates" section. From there, you click on "Systems" and then select "Leadership."

This data set template prompts MICIP users to upload data from three MiMTSS Data System reports for districts to use when they identify Multi-Tiered System of Supports as an area of inquiry in the MICIP Platform.

  1. MTSS Behavior Data Set
  2. MTSS Reading and Engagement Data Set
  3. MTSS District Capacity Data Set

The reports pull several MTSS data graphs and tables from the MiMTSS Data System into a single file that can be exported as a PDF. Guiding questions were added to the reports in January 2022.

While primarily used in the Assess Needs component of MICIP, the MTSS Data Set reports can also be used to inform the Monitoring and Evaluation components as districts progress with their MTSS implementation. Long-term, there is a vision to directly integrate data from the MiMTSS Data System with the MICIP platform. Once the MICIP platform has been used at a large scale through at least one full improvement cycle, planning will take place to map out the necessary steps and resources to achieve this long-term vision.

Write a Data Story

Use the resources below to support you with writing your MTSS data story.

District Initiative and Innovation Inventory
Once you have completed your initial data analysis summary, use this tool if your district needs more support to conduct an inventory of the existing practices and programs related to MTSS. (Or refer to your existing initiative inventories completed during your district installation work.)

Example MTSS Gap Statements (Precise Problem Statement)

Analyze Root Cause

Use the resources below to support you with analyzing the root cause of your MTSS Gap Statements and developing a challenge statement.

Example 5 Whys

If your district is exploring MTSS, review this worked example of a root cause analysis using the 5 Whys protocol.

District Installation Root Cause Analysis Tool
Use this resource if your district is just getting started with MTSS and has completed the District Capacity Assessment.

MTSS Implementation Root Cause Analysis Tool (Contributing Factors Tables)
Use this resource if at least some of your schools have begun to implement the behavior and/or reading components of MTSS and your district has recent District Capacity Assessment results.

Example MTSS Challenge Statements (Hypothesis Statements)


Define Measurable Goal, End and Interim Target Measures

See Example MTSS Goals and Target Measures for guidance on setting goals and target measures for your MTSS work.

Select a Strategy

Four strategies related to MTSS are currently available in the MiStrategyBank:

Use the resources below to select the strategy that makes the most sense for your data story.

District Initiative and Innovation Review Process
Use this tool if your district needs support with completing a thorough selection process (i.e., hexagon).

District Initiative and Innovation Alignment Process
Use this tool if your district needs support determining how strategies being considered for adoption align with existing initiatives or innovations in the area of focus. This tool could also be used to support decisions around de-selection of current initiatives or innovations that conflict with district priorities, are redundant, or ineffective, in order to make time and space for the newly selected strategies.

Identify Activities

Make sure any activities your district has captured in its existing MTSS Implementation Plan that are connected to the goal and target measures you identified get entered into the MICIP platform.

Communicate the Strategy

Use the District Communication Plan and Barrier Removal Process if your district needs more support with planning for communication with stakeholder groups about MTSS implementation.


As you implement, monitor, and adjust your plan, your team will need to build fluency with routinely logging into the MICIP platform to update the status of activities, add new activities, and/or revisit your MTSS data story. Continue utilizing your existing MTSS Implementation Plan google document until your district team:

  • Is fluent with accessing the platform at its monthly meetings
  • Has a plan in its MICIP portfolio connected to each goal on the existing MTSS Implementation Plan
  • All activities on the MTSS Implementation Plan are captured under one or more plans in the district’s MICIP portfolio

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