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Supports for Current and Former Partners

See MICIP Platform Crosswalk for District-wide Integrated MTSS for step-by-step directions to crosswalk the prompts within the MICIP Platform with the components of a district-wide integrated MTSS framework developed through a Targeted or Intensive Technical Assistance partnership with the MiMTSS TA Center.

For previous partners who are familiar with the four-step problem-solving process, use the table below to align terminology and tools found in the MICIP platform.

MICIP Process and PlatformFour-step Problem-solving Process
Create a Custom Data SetMiMTSS Data System dashboard tabs and reports prompted in the Problem Identification section of the District Data Review worksheets
Assess Needs: Identify Areas of Inquiry, Discover Whole Child Data, Write a Data StoryProblem Identification
Gap StatementPrecise Problem Statement
Root Cause AnalysisProblem Analysis (Contributing Factors tables)
Challenge StatementHypothesis Statement

Need more support? View our Data Review Playlist on YouTube. Current and former district partners will find helpful information to support the alignment of the four-step problem-solving process with MICIP.

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