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Tier 1 Behavior

Baseline behavior support for all students.


Tier 1 universal supports are the core programs and strategies provided to all students within the school in order to promote successful student outcomes and prevent school failure. Unless discipline issues are at a minimum, instruction will be interrupted and teaching time will be lost. Additionally, poor academic performance may lead to students engaging in problem behavior that results in escaping academic tasks.

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Big Ideas

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Establish behavioral expectations to build your school culture.


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Create lesson plans and schedule time to teach students your school's expectations.


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Observe students and let them know what they are doing well, or what they should be doing instead.


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Provide prompts that are specific to a school setting or expectation.

Strategic Integration

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Teach expectations in new and novel situations, including outside the building.

Background Knowledge

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Compare and contrast school-wide expectations to what most students know from home.


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Schedule "booster sessions" to reinforce behavioral expectations.

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