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Review for Behavior

Behavioral expectations should be reviewed and re-taught throughout the school year at predetermined times and as data indicate needs.


High-quality academic instruction includes the deliberate review and practice of key concepts and skills. Within Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), the deliberate review and practice of school-wide expectations in each setting is also necessary.

These reviews, or “booster sessions,” should happen throughout the school year. Often, these booster sessions are scheduled for predictable times when behavioral errors may occur more frequently (e.g., after winter break). They may also be scheduled for times and locations where discipline referral data indicates a specific need.

For example, if a school leadership team notices an increase in problem behaviors during the 3rd/4th grade recess, a booster session may be provided specifically for these grade levels targeting the playground setting.

Often, booster sessions are delivered in more creative formats, such as:

  • Review games (e.g., bingo or Jeopardy).
  • Songs.
  • Story starters.
  • Videos.

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