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Check-in, Check-out

The tier 2 intervention Check-in, Check-out helps students with individual goals on a daily basis.


Check-in, Check-out (CICO), sometimes referred to as the Behavior Education Program (BEP), includes:

  • Check-in and check-out daily with an adult at school.
  • Regular feedback and reinforcement from teachers.
  • Family component.
  • Daily performance data used to evaluate progress.

CICO Addresses the Critical Features of Tier 2 Interventions

Small Group

A manageable number of students based on the available resources at the school participate in this intervention.

Matched to Student Need(s)

This intervention increases the frequency of positive interactions between the student and adults in the building. It is designed to address problem behaviors that are maintained by attention.

Explicit Instruction

The explicit instruction provided in CICO is linked to the re-teaching of school-wide expectations.

Structured Prompts

Students participating in CICO are provided with a daily progress report that includes the school-wide expectations. These are used to provide prompting to the student prior to the start of the school day during a check-in. Within a class or period throughout the day, the teacher provides additional prompts to the students using the expectations on the daily progress report or CICO card.

Opportunities to Practice

A student’s day is broken into subject areas or time periods in which the student has opportunities to demonstrate the expected behaviors. These opportunities occur across the school day in various settings (e.g., classroom, cafeteria, playground).

Frequent Feedback

CICO is designed specifically to provide students with additional feedback and reinforcement throughout the day. This feedback and reinforcement is deliberately linked to the school-wide expectations. At the end of each subject or time period, the teacher quickly provides feedback to each student on his or her behavior during that period or subject. At the end of the day, each student has a “check-out” with the designated adult. In addition, CICO includes a family component that allows the student to receive additional feedback from a family member. Students bring home the daily progress report to be reviewed and signed by their parent or guardian, and returned to school the next day.

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