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Critical Features of Tier 2 Interventions for Behavior

Certain features should be kept in mind when designing or selecting tier 2 interventions for students.

Small Group

Grouping students with similar needs together for tier 2 interventions can be an efficient method for instruction.

Matched to Student Need(s)

Tier 2 interventions should be deliberately selected to address the specific need(s) or function of the student's problem behavior.

Explicit Instruction of Skills

The focus is on explicitly teaching expected behavior and/or additional pro-social skills to students. This includes the use of examples and nonexamples. The instruction should intentionally be linked to the big ideas from tier 1 school-wide PBIS (school-wide expectations).

Structured Prompts for Appropriate Behavior

Additional prompts for expected behavior are intentionally provided before a problem behavior has occurred.

Opportunities to Practice

Embedded within the explicit instruction and structured prompts are opportunities for students to practice the expected behaviors and/or skills in the natural setting.

Frequent Feedback to Students

The intervention should set an established schedule for more frequent feedback to the student on his or her behavior.

Fading Supports

As students make progress with tier 2 interventions, there should be a deliberate plan to fade the additional supports.

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