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Executive Leadership

Executive leadership establishes a vision, sets priorities, and provides funding for their constituent districts and schools.


The superintendent, assistant superintendents, and directors make up the executive leadership of an ISD or local district. The executive leadership must be involved in the first steps in a MIBLSI program to implement MTSS.

Exploration of MTSS

An ISD or district must first submit an application to enter a training cohort. The application process guides applicants through an exploration stage. Exploration helps you decide if your ISD or district is ready for MTSS.

Executive leadership must demonstrate it understands and agrees to the commitment for implementing MTSS through MIBLSI. Executive leadership must also commit to making MTSS a regular agenda item at its meetings once implementation begins.

Team Responsibilities

  • Create a vision for MTSS.
  • Provide political support for MTSS.
  • Establish MTSS as a priority.
  • Make the MTSS initiative highly visible.
  • Allocate resources for MTSS.
  • Remove barriers, including ones identified by other teams.

Liaison Role

A key member of the executive leadership team is the liaison, who also works with the implementation team. The liaison is responsible for:

  • Presenting the expectations of the executive leadership team to the implementation team.
  • Communicating the needs of the implementation team to the executive leadership team.
  • Providing implementation status updates to the executive leadership team (e.g., assessment results from districts or schools).

ISD vs. District

An ISD executive leadership team and a district executive leadership team serve similar purposes. The main difference is who they directly support. ISDs create a vision and provide support for local districts. Districts create a vision and provide support for schools.

Because the constituents are different, the type of vision and support may look different. District teams need to consider issues like school staff time and curricula. ISD teams need to consider the resources its districts can commit to MTSS, and plan to help fill in the gaps.

Not all districts will receive support for MTSS from the ISD, especially if the ISD is not a formal partner with MIBLSI. However, MTSS works best when the ISD and district collaborate to implement and sustain MTSS.

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