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School Boards

School boards can enhance district implementation efforts by providing policy alignment, visibility, and political support.


A school board's awareness and support can greatly help the success of district-wide MTSS. ISD and district teams should share their vision with school boards and seek their support. The role and influence of a school board in a district means they can facilitate MTSS implementation through policy alignment, visibility, and political support.

Policy Alignment

Districts and schools need practices and procedures that align with their vision and mission for their MTSS. If existing policies contradict the vision, staff, students, and parents are often understandably confused. School boards can help districts with MTSS implementation by ensuring that district policies align with MTSS efforts. This includes reviewing policies around school codes, discipline procedures, and student handbooks.


School boards can keep MTSS implementation visible through regular discussions at board meetings and communication with the school community. Reviewing implementation efforts such as the number of schools implementing, how well MTSS is implemented, and student outcomes associated with MTSS help communicate the importance of this work.

Political Support

When a school board is on record that it supports district-wide MTSS, parents and staff understand the district has a commitment to address the needs of all students. Providing political support helps to maintain motivation for MTSS implementation.

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