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Grade Level Teams

Grade level teams manage the programs and monitor data for students in a specific grade.


School leadership teams and tier 2/3 systems teams develop an MTSS for the school as a whole. Grade level teams take the systems, supports, and interventions developed for the MTSS and help implement it for the educators and students in their specific grade.

Each grade has its own team, ensuring the school-wide practices can be appropriately applied in each grade.

Identifying Team Members

Before implementing school-wide practices, school leadership teams must establish grade level teams to support the practices for each grade. The teams should include:

  • The principal.
  • Instructional coaches for each focus area being discussed (i.e., behavior and reading), when available.
  • Special education teachers supporting the specific grade level.
  • All general education teachers supporting the specific grade level.
  • Paraprofessionals providing intervention support at the specific grade level.

Team Responsibilities

  • Review universal screening and progress monitoring data.
  • Use data to set grade level goals and develop grade level instructional plans.
  • Use the tier 2 intervention grid (created by the tier 2/3 systems team) to identify students who need tier 2 or 3 interventions.
  • Communicate with the school leadership team through the principal, who is an active member of both teams.

Team Meetings

Review how to hold effective team meetings

Scheduling Meetings

Scheduling meetings around everyone's schedule is not always an easy task. There are demands on everyone's time, especially team members like the principal; principals are expected to participate on multiple teams, including all grade level teams.

Creative scheduling or planning may be needed to ensure each team member can fully participate.

Touching Base and Meeting Minutes

  • Ensure that meeting minutes are shared with absent team members; or
  • Regularly schedule check-in times for a team member to receive updates from another team member.
  • Give the team member an opportunity to provide feedback and input.

Rotate Participation

  • Teams meet in the same area at the same time so members of multiple teams can spend time in each meeting; or
  • Members of multiple teams join meetings on a regular rotation throughout the year.

Folder System for Paraprofessionals

  • Teachers leave lesson plans in a folder for the paraprofessional who was unable to attend the meeting.
  • Paraprofessionals leave questions or comments following delivery of the lesson.

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