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School Leadership Teams

School leadership teams coordinate the development and sustained success of MTSS in their buildings.


School leadership teams oversee and manage the entire MTSS within their building. The district implementation team provides support, but many of the responsibilities fall on school staff.

School Leadership Team (SLT) Start-Up

Identifying Team Members

A school cannot begin its MTSS until the district builds its capacity. The district implementation team determines which schools are ready to begin MTSS.

The district implementation team works with the principal to identify school leadership team members, who will need to attend many of the MTSS training sessions. Because MTSS should be aligned with existing school initiatives, the principal may select a team that is already established, such as the school improvement team. Teams should include:

  • The principal.
  • Individuals empowered to make decisions.
  • Leaders from various grade levels.
  • Content experts for behavior and reading.
  • Representation from both general education and special education staff.

Team Responsibilities

Plan and coordinate implementation efforts.

  • Develop an annual implementation plan based on fidelity and student outcome data and embed within the school improvement process.
  • Obtain staff consensus around the implementation plan.
  • Review monthly the progress made in the annual plan.
  • "Make room" for implementation by aligning with school initiatives.
  • Allocate resources to support implementation with fidelity.

Communicate implementation efforts to staff, school community, and district administration.

  • Share the implementation plan and the common vision for school-wide supports with the staff and school community.
  • Provide implementation status updates at monthly staff meetings.
  • Gather and act upon feedback from staff.
  • Develop and implement an acknowledgment system to encourage staff as they apply MTSS skills.
  • Develop and implement a plan for professional learning that is based on data.
  • Develop and implement an orientation process for new staff to acquire necessary MTSS skills.
  • Ensure coaches help staff with implementation issues.
  • Ensure school staff with MTSS expertise is identified and provides technical assistance to other staff.
  • Share areas of success with the district MTSS implementation team so they can be celebrated.
  • Share areas of need with the district MTSS implementation team so they can be addressed in a timely way.

Develop and access resources for implementation.

  • Develop easy-to-use materials for staff that align with the implementation plan and student supports for all three tiers (e.g., behavior and reading teaching schedules, behavior lesson plans).
  • Create a master copy of implementation materials and tools. Identify for staff where to find the master copy for reference.
  • Update the staff handbook with school-wide support goals and strategies.

Team Meetings

Review how to hold effective team meetings

Use Action Plans

Developing plans for implementation is one of the main outcomes of school leadership team meetings. Action plans also help structure the meetings themselves.

  • Record the discussion and decision-making process of the team meetings through action plans.
  • Follow documented action plans to guide and organize the conversation.
  • Review the action plans to determine outstanding issues that need to be addressed.
  • Review the action plans to determine what information needs to be communicated to others.
  • Record action items to review at the following meeting: State who will do what by when.

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