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Student Support Teams

Student support teams develop and implement individualized plans for students who need tier 3 interventions.


When schools have concerns about a student falling behind, they often create a team to develop and implement intensive supports. Sometimes these teams are created because of a referral for a special education evaluation.

The teams are often called child study teams, student study teams, or student support teams, among other names. In MIBLSI, tier 2/3 systems teams create student support teams to serve students in need of tier 3 (intensive and individualized) interventions.

Identifying Students for Tier 3

Students who struggle with their tier 2 supports may need tier 3 interventions. A school team (e.g., a grade level team or the tier 2/3 systems team) makes this determination. The team reviews progress monitoring data for students receiving tier 2, determines who is struggling, and makes a referral to the tier 2/3 systems team.

Creating Student Support Teams

The tier 2/3 systems team creates a student support team based on the student's needs. The student support team then creates an individualized plan for the student.

The student support team should include:

  • A content expert (e.g., school psychologist or reading specialist).
  • Someone who is familiar with the school's systems.
  • Individuals who are familiar with the student (e.g., family or teachers).
  • A member of the tier 2/3 systems team.

Supporting the Team

The student support team member who is also on the tier 2/3 systems team should ensure regular communication between the teams. This helps the tier 2/3 systems team:

  • Listen to or provide feedback and concerns.
  • Secure the tools or opportunities for professional development as needed.
  • Review the student's progress and determine the appropriate level of support for the student.

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