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Tier 2/3 Systems Teams

Tier 2/3 systems teams focus on developing systems and interventions for students who have more intensive needs.


Most students succeed after receiving tier 1 supports that are put in place by the school leadership team. However, 10 to 20 percent of students will still likely need additional interventions.

The tier 2/3 systems team develops the additional interventions for students. Their work completes the continuum of supports for students in the school's MTSS.

Identifying Team Members

After implementing tier 1 supports, school leadership teams must establish a tier 2/3 systems team. In some cases, the school leadership team may also serve the function of the tier 2/3 systems team.

The team should include:

  • A school administrator with decision-making power.
  • A member of the school leadership team (if the team is different than the school leadership team).
  • Teachers or staff with expertise in behavioral assessment and intervention.
  • Teachers or staff with expertise in academic assessment and intervention, particularly reading.

Team Responsibilities

  • Determine how and when students access tier 2 and 3 supports and the process for progress monitoring.
  • Create and maintain the tier 2 intervention grid. Ensure grade level teams understand and use the grid.
  • Establish a mechanism to collect fidelity data using the SWPBIS TFI and R-TFI for each tier 2 and 3 intervention.
  • Review data to determine intervention progress and next steps for students receiving tier 2 and 3 intervention supports.
  • Communicate with school staff about development of tier 2/3 systems.

Team Meetings

Review how to hold effective team meetings

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