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Acadience Reading Mentor

Acadience Reading mentors help schools with Acadience Reading.

Role Description

The Acadience Reading Mentor is the point person for each school using the Acadience Reading measures. The Mentor is responsible for ensuring ongoing training and support for successful administration and scoring of the Acadience Reading measures and meaningful interpretation of the Acadience data. 

For more information on the full scope of the Acadience Mentor's responsibilities, see Acadience Reading Mentor Job Description under Tools and Resources on the right-hand side of this page.


Search our events for an Acadience Reading Mentor Training

Three separate in-person workshops required to become a Mentor

Attend the following:

  • Acadience Reading K-6 Essential Workshop
  • Acadience Reading K-6 Data Interpretation Workshop
  • Acadience Reading K-6 Mentoring Workshop

Support for Acadience Reading Mentors

Whether you are new to the role of Acadience Reading Mentor or looking for ongoing support in your role, check out the resources available to you through Acadience Learning’s Mentors Network.

Also check out the Tools and Resources on the right-hand side of this page that have been developed by the MiMTSS Technical Assistance center to support our Mentors here in Michigan. Resources are available for conducting a self-assessment of your knowledge and skills and personalizing a professional learning plan to address areas of need. Find practical tips for data collection, interpretation and management.

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