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PBIS Assessment Coordinator

PBIS Assessment Coordinators support schools through the management of the PBIS Assessment system within PBISApps. Access to PBIS Assessment is necessary for the SWPBIS TFI, the School Climate Survey, and other behavioral assessments.

Role Description

Job Description and Professional Learning Plan

  • Open and close assessment windows in PBIS Assessment in alignment with the timelines for SWPBIS TFI and School Climate Survey data collection.
  • Train school leadership team members on how to enter SWPBIS TFI data in PBIS Assessment and generate reports.
  • Train school leadership team members on how to access School Climate Survey response links and generate reports.
  • Manage user roles in PBIS Assessment.


To become a PBIS Assessment Coordinator, complete the following online courses hosted by EduPaths ( You will need to sign up for a free account if you have not previously registered with EduPaths. Search Pathways for these titles:

  1. Becoming a PBIS Assessment Coordinator (required for all PBIS Assessment Coordinators)
  2. An Overview of the School Climate Survey Suite (required for PBIS Assessment Coordinators who will be supporting the School Climate Survey)

At the end of the "Becoming a PBIS Assessment Coordinator" course, look for specific instructions to complete the final certification step: uploading a report from PBISApps and your Local Coordinator Form. There is a link on the last page of the "Becoming a PBIS Assessment Coordinator" course for these documents to be uploaded to confirm you have met all of the training requirements. The Local Coordinator Form can be found as a download within the course.

Please view the PBIS Assessment Coordinator Certification video if you need assistance with this step. Note: The video does not have sound.

Within two weeks of submitting your documents through the link provided, you will receive an email verifying that you have completed the requirements to become a PBIS Assessment Coordinator, and your account will be set up within PBIS Assessment (PBISApps). You will also have the role of PBIS Assessment Coordinator added to your profile within the MiMTSS Data System, a system for Michigan schools, districts, and ISDs.

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