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SWIS Facilitator

SWIS facilitators help schools with the SWIS Suite.

Role Description

Job Description

Professional Learning Plan

  • Help schools complete their readiness checklist and coordinate with SWIS to open the schools' accounts.
  • Train identified school SWIS users on how to use the SWIS Suite.
  • Help schools define problem behaviors to ensure consistency in documenting discipline referrals.
  • Help schools design referral forms so they match SWIS data entry fields.
  • Provide annual training to school staff on using the SWIS Suite and data interpretation.


Search our events for a SWIS Facilitator Training

SWIS Facilitator: 2.5 day in-person training

  • Attend a SWIS facilitator training.
  • Complete the paperwork provided at the end of the training.

CICO-SWIS Facilitator: Half-day live webinar

  • You must first serve as a SWIS facilitator of record for at least one school year before registering for the webinar.
  • Attend the live webinar.

I-SWIS Facilitator: 1.5 day in-person training

  • Attend an I-SWIS facilitator training.

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