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School Leadership Team Coaches

A School Leadership Team Coach facilitates School Leadership Team efforts to effectively implement and sustain the use of MTSS/SWPBIS.


The School Leadership Team Coach is responsible for ensuring that the school leadership team takes the necessary steps to implement and sustain school-wide MTSS/SWPBIS. This page provides detailed information and resources to support school systems coaches in their coaching roles. For more information on the full scope of a district coordinator’s responsibilities, see School Leadership Team Coach Job Description under Tools and Resources on the right-hand side of this page.

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Coaching Foundation Skills

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Coaching is the on-site support needed to use new knowledge and/or skills under typical conditions. One of the core competencies of systems coaching is the ability to facilitate change. In order to facilitate change, coaches leverage the coaching foundation skills to surface and respond to adaptive challenges related to the change.

Data Review Resources

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A number of resources are available for the coach to use to prepare for their team's data review.

Coaching Service Delivery Plans

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A Coaching Service Delivery Plan (CSDP) outlines the concepts that will be intentionally coached, the continuum of coaching strategies to be used, types of information that will be used to determine the effectiveness of the coaching, the frequency of coaching, coach preparation, and guidelines for providing feedback to the team.

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