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Coaching Service Delivery Plans

A coach’s use of data to inform supports to the School Leadership Team will increase the likelihood that the team will continue to implement with fidelity and that the work will be sustained. A Coaching Service Delivery Plan (CSDP) outlines the concepts that will be intentionally coached, the continuum of coaching strategies to be used, types of information that will be used to determine the effectiveness of the coaching, the frequency of coaching, coach preparation and guidelines for providing feedback to the team. The development of a CSDP allows for differentiated coaching supports based on the team's stage of implementation and context. We have created Coaching Concepts and Methods (see the Tools and Resources sidebar)  which outline the concepts to be coached at the School Level. Step by step directions for developing the CSDP are also provided.

This video provides a brief overview of how to develop and use an individualized Coaching Service Delivery Plan:

Individualized Coaching Service Delivery Plans for School Leadership Team Coaches

Year 2

Beginning in the Fall of Year 2, School Leadership Team Coaches, with support from their Coach Coordinator, develop an individualized coaching service delivery plan (CSDP) to guide supports to their team. This plan will be developed based on data. The Coach Coordinator will provide initial modeling about how to identify concepts using data, and how to develop an individualized plan. The initial plan will be framed around Tier 1 SWPBIS.

Consider the recommendations listed below when determining the area to focus coaching supports.

  • Fall Year 2: Tier 1 SWPBIS
  • Fall Year 3: Tier 1 Reading (Integrated Model) or Behavior Intervention Systems (PPSC)
  • Fall Year 4: Integrated Intervention Systems (Integrated Model)

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