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Trainers help schools and districts sustain school-wide MTSS.


Districts, and schools participating in MiMTSS TA Center training receive professional development at regional training sessions led by TA Center staff. MiMTSS TA Center Staff provide long-term support and access to Center staff and resources to help sustain MTSS. However, MTSS implementation and sustainability are enhanced with local trainers.

ISDs especially benefit from having local trainers. With a large number of schools (meaning more staff, and therefore potentially more staff turnover), districts often have a higher need for additional training sessions. Having local staff available for training sessions helps districts be more responsive to school needs and sustain implementation efforts over time.

Trainer Support Sessions

ISD trainers learn the training material, and how to teach it, through trainer support sessions.

The TA Center provides trainers with a login to access the trainer-only materials associated with each training session. Trainers receive technical assistance at a trainer support session in advance of each regional training. Trainers can also access an online module that previews how to teach the content.

The trainer support sessions create opportunities for modeling of the content, practice with co-trainers, feedback opportunities, and general polishing of the delivery.

Staying Current

The MiMTSS TA Center annually reviews and revises its training materials to ensure information is up to date and that current best practices are included. The trainer-only materials that can be accessed through the website are also revised as part of this effort.

To ensure you are using the best set of materials for local trainings, please make sure you are familiar with the most recent materials in advance of a training. The TA Center notifies all trainers with dates and locations of each trainer support session; all trainers are invited to participate in order to maintain their comfort level with the material.

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