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School Leadership Team Orientation Meeting

This orientation meeting is designed to provide an overview of the role of the School Leadership Team and ensure the team is set up for success prior to engaging in school-level training.


  1. MTSS Work in Our District
  2. Role of the School Leadership Team (SLT)
  3. Role of the Coach
  4. School Leadership Team Operating Procedures
  5. School Leadership Team Trainings


  • Outline the district's efforts to date to support MTSS
  • Define the role of the SLT in supporting MTSS
  • Define the role of the SLT coach in supporting MTSS
  • Make decisions and collectively agree upon SLT operating procedures using guidance provided by the district
  • Review training dates and get set up in the registration system and MiMTSS Data System
  • Accurately outline the Snow Day Policy for training

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