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Behavior Interventions in the Classroom

Teachers should be equipped with intervention strategies for behavior that can used at the classroom level. This session will provide classroom teachers and those that support classroom teachers with specific intervention strategies within a Prevent, Teach, and Respond framework. 


  1. Problem Solving in the Classroom
  2. Prevention Strategies
  3. Teaching Strategies
  4. Response Strategies
  5. Wrap Up


  • Explain the foundations for strong behavioral supports in classrooms
  • Describe classroom intervention strategies that are used in a Prevent, Teach, Respond framework
  • Select among intervention strategies that will be applied to the classroom


View the brief recording, "Behavior Science" [video]

Complete the Guided Notes worksheet

View the brief recording, "Two Practices to Rethink" [video]

Optional, read the document "Ditch the Clip! Why Clip Charts are not a PBIS Practice"

Live Zoom Session

Problem Solving in the Classroom

Positive Greetings at the Door Video Viewing Guide

Positive Greetings at the Door Action PlanPositive Greetings at the Door
Opportunities to Respond Video Guiding QuestionsOpportunities to Respond Action Plan
Opportunities to RespondMy Time May Be Your Time Video Viewing Guide
My Time May Be Your TimeMystery Motivator Video Guiding Questions
Mystery MotivatorIncreasing Non-Contingent Interactions Video Viewing Guide
Increasing Non-Contingent Positive InteractionsTeaching Routines
Replacement Behavior Video Guiding Questions

Sure I Will

Teaching Social Skills Video Viewing GuideTop Five To Survive
Self-Monitoring Video Guiding QuestionsSelf-Monitoring
Behavior Specific Praise Video Guiding Questions

Behavior Specific Praise Action Plan

Behavior Specific PraiseResponse Strategies for Classroom Behavior
Effective & Efficient Response Strategies Video GuideEfficient & Effective Response Strategies

Activity: Efficient and Effective Response Strategies

Student Conference Video Guiding Questions
Student ConferenceBehavioral Momentum Video Guiding Questions
Behavioral MomentumProtocol for Re-Engaging an Off-Task Student



View videos of additional prevent, teach, and respond strategies on the MiMTSS TA Center YouTube channel's Behavior Interventions in the Classroom playlist

Identify and use intervention strategies to address behaviors in the classroom

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