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Data Coordination and Assessment System

Data-based decision making across all levels of the district is a critical MTSS component. A first step for the District Implementation Team is understanding the components of an effective assessment system. The MiMTSS TAC data coordination support that will initially be provided to build a strong system will be outlined. Teams will also review timelines for when district decisions related to data coordination are needed.


  1. Interactive Review
  2. MiMTSS TAC Data Coordination Support
  3. MTSS Assessment System
  4. District Behavior Data Coordinators
  5. Next Steps


  • Recorded Module: District Assessment System [video]
  • Review and respond to the question in the “Data Coordination and Assessment System Vocabulary and Reflection Questions” shared with you by your Implementation Specialist

Live Session


  • Outline the data coordination supports provided by the MiMTSS TA Center
  • Use the MTSS Assessment System to support the installation of PBIS Assessments
  • Plan to use a high-quality recruitment and selection process to select District PBIS Assessment Coordinators and SWPBIS TFI Facilitators


  • Review and finalize decision in the guidelines for use of the MTSS Assessment System
  • Select all behavior data coordinator roles by January
  • Finalize assessment system decisions for all behavior assessments by January
  • Update DIT Installation Checklists until they are at 100% completion

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