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Exploring Readiness and Fit

This module supports the District Implementation Team in developing readiness activities and making district decisions to ensure schools are ready to install school-wide PBIS. Teams also develop an initiative inventory and alignment process to be used when exploring readiness and fit of any initiative.


  1. Interactive Review
  2. School Readiness for SWPBIS
  3. Initiative Inventory and Alignment for SWPBIS
  4. District Decisions for SWPBIS
  5. Next Steps


  • Login to, browse courses by selecting pathways and typing “Overview of School-wide PBIS” in the search bar. Complete the course.
  • Recorded Module: School Readiness [video]
  • Recorded Module: Initiative Inventory and Alignment Process [video]
  • Review and respond to the question in the “Exploring Readiness and Fit Vocabulary and Reflection Questions” shared with you by your Implementation Specialist

Live Session

  • Outcomes:
    • Develop differentiated school readiness plans for Tier 1 PBIS for both cohorts
    • Outline district decisions to support installation and use of Tier 1 behavior components for all schools
    • Plan to complete the initiative inventory and alignment process for behavior


  • Meet with principals for cohort 1 schools to review school readiness plans and schedule MiMTSS PBIS Readiness activities with all staff in October
  • Present the initiative inventory and alignment process to executive leadership for final approval
  • Complete the inventory and alignment process for behavior, make decisions, and communication with staff prior to January
  • Make district decisions about SLT operating procedures and Tier 1 behavior to support schools in installation
  • Update DIT Installation Checklists until they are at 100% completion

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