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Intensifying Interventions

School Leadership Teams will refine their intervention system to support the intensification of interventions in order to improve outcomes for students with the most significant reading and/or behavioral needs.


  1. Intervention Platform
  2. Defining Features of Tier 3 Supports
  3. Specific Variables for Intensification of Interventions
  4. Interventionist Meetings
  5. Overview of Data-Based Individualization
  6. Structuring Student Support Team Meetings


  • Articulate the importance of an intervention platform as the foundation for intensifying interventions
  • Identify the distinguishing features of Tier 3
  • Describe the specific variables that can be intensified to improve student outcomes
  • Plan for routine meetings for interventionists as a part of the intensification of intervention supports
  • Apply Data-Based Individualization to individual student problem solving


Guided Notes for Intervention Platform & Features of Tier 3 Video

Live Zoom Session


REWARDS Intermediate & Secondary Intensification Strategies

Phonics for Reading Intensification Strategies

Check-In, Check-Out Intensification Strategies

Case Scenario


Guided Notes for Structuring Student Support Team Meetings Video

Tier 3 Checklist

Student Support Team Meeting Agenda and Notes Template

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