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Tier 1 Elementary School-wide PBIS Day 1

School leadership teams will learn the guiding principles of PBIS, involve staff, students and families, and create a plan for developing school-wide expectations and their behavior matrix.


  1. Guiding Principles of PBIS
  2. School Leadership Team Formation
  3. Staff Buy-In
  4. Identifying Behavior Expectations
  5. Next Steps


  • Build knowledge and understanding of School-wide PBIS
  • Consider ways to strengthen your School Leadership Team
  • Understand the purpose of gaining staff buy-in and ways to address it with the staff
  • Explore ways to intentionally seek input and participation from staff, students and families with diverse perspectives when developing school-wide behavior expectations


Compelling Why: Tier 1 School-wide PBIS Day 1 [video]

Critical Features and Functions of the School Leadership Team document

Complete the online courses hosted by EduPaths. You will need to sign up for a free account if you have not previously registered for a course with EduPaths. Search "Pathways" for these titles:

  1. Overview of SWPBIS
  2. An Introduction to Centering Equity in PBIS
  3. Identifying and Defining School-wide Behavioral Expectations

Live Zoom Session


Elementary MTSS Implementation Plan

Secondary MTSS Implementation Plan

Critical Features and Functions of the SLT

Create Your Own Survey

Critical Features Checklist: Identifying Behavior Expectations

Approaches to Developing School-wide Behavioral Expectations

Exampled Valued Behaviors and Attitudes

Weighted Vote

Communication with District Implementation Team

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