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Tier 1 Secondary Positive School Climate Day 2

School leadership teams will develop plans to integrate staff and parents in the creation of their school-wide PBIS system and learn about measuring fidelity of implementation.


  1. Data Sources (TFI and SWIS)
  2. Define Behavior Expectations Through Behavior Matrix
  3. Teach Behavior Expectations
  4. Monitor Expected Behavior
  5. Wrap Up & Next Steps


  • Describe the two types of data used for decision making related to SWPBIS
  • Explain the need for a behavior matrix and how to include multiple and diverse stakeholders in the development
  • Summarize why and how behavior expectations are taught
  • Summarize the importance of monitoring behavior ad how to plan for monitoring behavior


Overview of SWIS Dashboard hosted by PBIS Apps

Complete the online courses hosted by EduPaths. You will need to sign up for a free account if you have not previously registered for a course with EduPaths. Search Pathways for these titles:

  1. Teaching Behavior Expectations
  2. Monitoring Behavior
  3. An Overview of the School-wide PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory

Live Zoom Session


Critical Features Checklist: Defining Behavior Expectations

Critical Features Checklist: Behavior Expectation Lessons

The Importance of Teaching

Teaching Schedule

Examples of Reteaching Expectations

Developing Consistency in Behavior Data Collection

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