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Elementary Acadience Reading Data Interpretation Workshop

The Acadience Reading Data Interpretation Workshop offers advanced training in the use of Acadience Reading data in an Outcomes-Driven Model. The workshop, created by the Acadience Learning, illustrates the use of Acadience Reading data at the systems level and student level. Learn how to use data to match students to resources, group students for instruction, select materials for progress monitoring, and evaluate the effectiveness of instruction.


  1. Review of Foundations
  2. Identifying and Validating Need for Support
  3. Planning Support
  4. Evaluating Effectiveness of Support
  5. Evaluating Outcomes
  6. Reviewing Outcomes


  • Review themes from the Essential Workshop
  • Review administration and scoring procedures
  • Learn how to interpret Acadience Reading data to:
    • Change reading outcomes
    • Plan instruction
    • Evaluate individual and group progress

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