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Elementary Intervention System Day 2 - Coaching Support Session


This purpose of this Coaching Support Session is to prepare coaches to support schools in the installation and use of an intervention system.


  1. Coaching Service Delivery Plans:  Tier 1
  2. Intervention System:  Review & Barriers
  3. Intervention Access & Effectiveness Monitoring Tool
  4. Intervention System in Action
  5. Coaching Service Delivery Plans:  Intervention System
  6. Wrap-Up & Next Steps


  • Review current Coaching Service Delivery Plan.
  • Identify barriers interfering with installation of the Intervention System.
  • Practice using the Intervention Access & Effectiveness Monitoring Tool and develop talking points for teams and school staff regarding the importance of its use.
  • Practice answering questions about the flow of data in a school using a mock Intervention in Action flowchart and scenarios.
  • Review the coaching concepts associated with an Intervention System.

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