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Elementary Spring Data Review

School-level data reviews provide school leadership teams time to focus on problem solving and act upon student outcome and fidelity data to improve student achievement. Teams will develop action plans tied to the School Improvement Framework and Plan, identify celebrations to share with the school community, and identify any barriers to implementation requiring district support.


  1. Welcome & Overview of the Data Review Process
  2. Plan Implementation and Evaluation
  3. Problem Identification
  4. Problem Analysis
  5. Plan Development
  6. Wrap Up & Evaluation


  • Summarize progress on objectives and with activities within the MTSS implementation plan.
  • Articulate at least on SMART objective related to school-wide reading outcomes.
  • Develop or refine the MTSS implementation plan based on the analysis of school-wide data.
  • Identify accomplishments to celebrate and any barriers to communicate back to the DIT.

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