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REWARDS Intermediate

REWARDS Intermediate introduces students to a unique multisyllabic word reading strategy. This strategy has been proven effective in helping students to break words into manageable, decodable chunks, read long words in content area text books, increase oral and silent reading fluency, and improve comprehension as decoding and fluency increase.

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  1. The Science Behind Teaching Reading & How It Connects to REWARDS
  2. REWARDS: Understanding the WHY
  3. REWARDS: Key Components
  4. Instruction: The Pre-Skills
  5. Instruction: Strategy Lessons


  • Review the science of teaching reading.
  • Summarize the benefits of multisyllabic word instruction, accuracy and rate development, comprehension, and vocabulary instruction.
  • Describe the components of REWARDS including the materials and instructional design (pre-skills, strategy focus).
  • Practice delivering the components of REWARDS to prepare for students.

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