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Tier 1 Secondary Content Area Reading Day 1

School leadership teams will be introduced to a school-wide content area reading model, create a status update for staff and families, create a plan to support a common content area reading strategy, and craft an implementation plan to support the installation of a school-wide content area reading model.


  1. Defining a School-wide Content Area Reading Model Within an MTSS Framework
  2. Why Students Struggle to Understand Text
  3. Before, During, and After Reading Comprehension Strategies
  4. SQ3R Overview
  5. Defining SQ3R Strategy Components
  6. Next Steps


  • Develop an update for staff related to current MTSS implementation efforts for both behavior and reading.
  • Understand why students struggle to understand text.
  • Review compensatory strategies that can be used across core subject area classes to improve students’ understanding of what they read in their classes.
  • Define each of the components of SQ3R strategy.
  • Outline specific action steps for the SLT, administrator, and staff related to a School-wide Reading Model as a part of the MTSS framework.

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