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Behavior Intervention Systems: District Decisions and Supports Session 1

This session guides District Implementation Teams in making district decisions to support schools in the installation of an intervention system for the behavior components of an MTSS framework.


  1. Interactive Review
  2. District Decisions
  3. Next Steps


Live Session

  • Outcomes:
    • Define all three tiers of support provided to students within an MTSS framework
    • Describe the purpose of an Intervention System
    • Explain how a district infrastructure supports the development and use of an intervention system
    • Outline and plan for district decisions to support the installation and use of an integrated intervention system within all schools


  • Finalize district decisions and activities outlined in your implementation plan to support schools in the installation of their intervention system
  • Use communication protocols to share district decisions and standardized processes with principals, coaches and School Leadership Teams
  • Update DIT Installation Checklists until they are at 100% completion

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