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District Readiness Session PPSC

This training provides district leadership with a common understanding of the requirements, technical assistance support, and scope of work districts commit to in an intensive partnership with MiMTSS Technical Assistance Center.


  1. Partnership with MiMTSS Technical Assistance Center (MiMTSS TAC)
  2. MiMTSS TAC Coaching and Data Coordination Supports
  3. District Implementation Infrastructure
  4. Resources to Support MTSS
  5. Process for Recruiting, Selecting and Supporting Staff
  6. Selecting Staff to Support MTSS
  7. Next Steps and Confirming MiMTSS TAC Partnership


  • Identify MiMTSS Technical Assistant Center’s partnership requirements and the support provided to partners
  • Define a District Implementation Infrastructure
  • Collect baseline District Capacity Assessment (DCA) data
  • Identify the resources required to support MTSS
  • Identify necessary skill sets and responsibilities for roles required to support MTSS
  • Use a high-quality selection process to select staff to support MTSS
  • Identify next steps for partnership with MiMTSS TAC

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