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Tier 1 School-wide PBIS Day 1

School leadership teams start installation for with a focus on establishing structures for effective school-wide PBIS implementation, establishing buy-in by developing a compelling “why” of for PBIS, and creating a plan for developing school-wide expectations.


  1. Structures for Effective SWPBIS Implementation
  2. Introduction to Positive School Climate and PBIS
  3. Staff Buy-In
  4. Identify & Define School-wide Expectations
  5. Wrap-Up & Next Steps


  • Begin working on installing the structures for effective PBIS implementation.
  • Start to develop a “compelling why” for PBIS.
  • Articulate the foundations and big ideas of PBIS and develop a plan for teaching staff this information.
  • Create a plan for communicating to staff and parents why identifying and defining school-wide expectations is important.
  • Create a plan for developing 3-5 school-wide expectations with the building staff.

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