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Tier 1 School-wide PBIS Day 1 – Coaching Support Session

Coaches learn the big ideas of school-wide PBIS, the functions of coaching, review their understanding of behavior (e.g., ABC of behavior), and prepare for support teams through the SWPBIS Day 1 training.


  1. Project Overview and Goals
  2. Introduction to School-wide PBIS
  3. Understanding Behavior
  4. Functions of Coaching
  5. Getting Reading for SWPBIS Day 1
  6. Wrap Up and Next Steps


  • Understand and articulate the roles and responsibilities of a "coach."
  • Preview the Big Ideas of School-wide PBIS.
  • Explore behavior science principles.
  • Preview the content for the School-wide PBIS Day 1 training with your school leadership team.

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