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Tier 1 School-wide PBIS Day 3 – Coaching Support Session

Coaches learn the critical features of "encourage/acknowledge appropriate behavior," best practices in correcting behavioral errors, how to interpret SWPBIS TFI and SWIS data, and how to conduct a task analysis for next steps.



  1. Welcome and Review
  2. Acknowledging Behavior
  3. Corrections: Consistent Response to Behavior
  4. Data-based Decision Making: TFI and SWIS
  5. Prepare for Kick-off
  6. Wrap Up and Next Steps


  • Understand the critical features of "encourage/acknowledge appropriate behavior."
  • Identify best practices in correcting behavioral errors.
  • Understand how to interpret SWPBIS TFI and SWIS data.
  • Identify how to conduct a task analysis around activities/tasks that are in place versus just checked off.

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