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Tier 3 Behavior Systems

The Tier 3 Behavior Systems Team becomes equipped to install, implement, and coordinate an efficient, effective, equitable, and sustainable Tier 3 system in order to improve outcomes for students needing intensive behavioral support. This is not a training in Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), Behavior Intervention Plans, or specific interventions.


  1. Welcome and Review of Tier 1 & Tier 2 Behavior Systems
  2. What is Tier 3?
  3. Tier 3 Team Structures
  4. Tier 3 Process: What Does This Look Like?
  5. Comprehensive Support (TFI 3.11) Prevent, Teach, Respond Structure Cycle of Behavioral Escalation
  6. Wrap Up & Next Steps


  • Be prepared to respond to questions about why we take time to install standardized systems at Tier 3, rather than just moving into interventions.
  • Define, assess your system’s readiness for, and address misrules around, Tier 3.
  • Understand roles and functions of the Tier 3 Systems Team and Student Support Teams and begin to make installation decisions for a Tier 3 System.
  • Practice a Prevent, Teach, Respond structure for planning interventions.
  • Understand the cycle of behavioral escalation and appropriate adult responses.

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