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District Implementation Team Development Coaching Support Session

This session introduces District Coordinators to research-supported practices for high-quality implementation and provides an opportunity to support the team in the development of effective and efficient team meeting structures.


  1. Interactive Review
  2. Prepare to Coach the DIT
  3. Next Steps


Participants will complete the following activities independently prior to the Live Zoom Session.

Intended Outcomes

  • Outline research-supported practices for high-quality implementation
  • Develop processes for structuring effective and efficient DIT meetings
  • Prepare to facilitate activities designed to enhance the district’s capacity


  • Complete the items on the DIT Development Preparation Checklist, including:
    • Develop a plan for drafting DIT Operating Procedures and resources
    • Register for MiMTSS Data System and practice navigating data entry
    • Review the DIT Installation Resource List and determine if there are resources the team should access prior to the upcoming DIT meeting
    • Plan and practice for facilitating team activities
    • Develop the DIT Meeting agenda based on activities in the installation checklist and implementation plan

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