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District Implementation Team Readiness

This session provides District Implementation Teams (DIT) with an opportunity to deepen understanding of the components of a district implementation infrastructure, the role of the DIT, and to prepare to collect baseline District Capacity Assessment data.


  1. District Infrastructure to Support MTSS
  2. Role of the District Implementation Team (DIT)
  3. District Capacity Assessment (DCA)
  4. Next Steps

Intended Outcomes

  • Define Key Terminology and Concepts
    • District Implementation Infrastructure to Support MTSS
    • District Implementation Team (DIT)
    • District Capacity Assessment (DCA)
  • Collect baseline DCA data


  • Confirm DIT membership and communicate membership to the trainer
  • Develop a written document and/or visual that illustrates how teams will address the functions of district implementation supports and continuous improvement
  • Plan for sharing the document / visual with stakeholders to better understand how both functions are addressed within the district
  • Identify an individual who will complete to DCA short course and facilitate the next administration of the DCA with the DIT

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