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Installing a District Implementation Infrastructure Day 2 Coaching Support Session

This session will prepare coordinators to facilitate their team during the Installing a District Implementation Infrastructure Day 2 training session.


  1. Interactive Review
  2. Initiative and Innovation Alignment Process
  3. Initiative and Innovation Review Process
  4. District Assessment System
  5. Data-based Decision-Making
  6. Next Steps


  • Describe the benefits of having a process for aligning educational innovations
  • Describe the benefits of using a process to review and select educational innovations
  • Explain the components of the district's process for aligning, reviewing, and selecting educational innovations
  • Define and provide the purpose of a District Assessment system
  • Identify the various types of data and processes that could be used by DITs to inform adjustments to implementation supports provided to schools
  • Prepare to facilitate activities designed to enhance the district's capacity

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