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Staff Recruitment, Selection, and Supports

This session defines the components of the high-quality recruitment, selection, and professional development process, to be used by districts when selecting personnel implementing MTSS.


  1. Interactive Review
  2. Recruiting, Selecting, and Supporting Staff
  3. High-Quality Professional Learning
  4. Next Steps

Intended Outcomes

  • Develop a high-quality process for recruiting and selecting staff to support the implementation of MTSS
  • Develop processes and procedures to ensure staff have access to high-quality professional learning for MTSS


  • Develop the recruitment and selection process for at least one role (e.g., School Leadership Team, coaches) to support MTSS implementation
  • Develop professional learning plans for School Leadership Teams and coaches to ensure they have access to professional learning for MTSS
  • Identify next steps for scaling-up the recruitment, selection, and training processes to additional roles and teams to support MTSS implementation
  • Complete activities in your implementation plan during and between monthly meetings
  • Update DIT Installation Checklists prior to or during your monthly DIT meeting until they are at 100% completion

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