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Behavior Supports to Increase Student Motivation and Engagement

Interventionists need tools to address the full range of academic, motivational, and behavioral needs that may be exhibited by students in the intervention setting. This session is designed to provide interventionists with a range of resources to help them as they design and implement effective interventions to accelerate outcomes for those students with severe and persistent learning and behavior needs, including those with disabilities.


  1. The Integration of Academics and Behavior
  2. Instructional Practice
  3. Behavior Management
  4. Motivation Techniques
  5. Intensification


  • Identify and implement instructional practices that have been scientifically proven to accelerate outcomes for students exhibiting academic, behavioral, and motivational needs
  • Embed motivation training to support student's self-regulation, engagement, and persistence within and outside of the intervention setting
  • Reduce off-task behavior and increase positive pro-academic behaviors
  • Monitor student behavior and apply targeted behavioral intensification to support students with more significant behavioral needs

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