Behavior Interventions in the Classroom State Trainer Network

The Behavior Interventions in the Classroom State Trainer Network Series is designed to develop local training capacity within ISDs to support training educators in the use of behavior science to address high-frequency, low-intensity behaviors in the classroom setting, leveraging a Prevent, Teach, Respond framework.


  1. Behavior Interventions in the Classroom: Training Structure
  2. Strengthening Understanding of Behavior Science
  3. Prevent, Teach, Respond Structure
  4. Creating a Presentation Plan
  5. Prevention Strategies
  6. Teaching Strategies
  7. Response Strategies
  8. Preparing for Training Behavior Interventions in the Classroom


  • Explain essential beliefs for effective problem solving
  • Describe the utility of the Prevent, Teach, Respond framework in the selection of behavior interventions in the classroom
  • Model teaching a classroom routine
  • Create an initial plan for presenting in the variable format of the virtual training content
  • Teach a set of Prevention Strategies, a set of Teaching Strategies, and a set of Response Strategies and respond to participant questions
  • Identify additional strategies that can be layered on and demonstrated during the training
  • Prepare for training through an intentional preparation process that includes active engagement for adult learners