Supporting the Use of Behavior Interventions in the Classroom

This session focuses on the development of an implementer support plan to assist personnel (e.g., ISD, district, and school level coaches) in providing systematic supports to teachers and staff in their use of practices from the Behavior Interventions in the Classroom professional learning session. This session will provide a brief overview of strategies and explore various supports teachers may need to implement with fidelity.

This training utilizes materials provided during the Behavior Interventions in the Classroom training, which is targeted to teachers for use of strategies at the classroom level. Please follow this link ( and select Live Zoom Session materials to access those resources.


  1. Brief Overview: Problem Solving in the Classroom
  2. Supporting Prevention Strategies
  3. Supporting Teaching Strategies
  4. Supporting Response Strategies
  5. Wrap Up


  • Deepen knowledge of behavioral interventions teachers and staff can implement in the classroom setting
  • Identify the needs of implementers in the use of common behavioral interventions for the classroom setting
  • Develop an action plan to systematically provide support to those implementers

Live Zoom Session