Tier 2 Behavior Trainer Support Sessions

The Tier 2 School-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports State Trainer Network Series is designed to develop local training capacity within ISDs to support training School Leadership Teams and Coaches in the installation and implementation of Tier 2 Behavior System and the Tier 2 intervention Check-In, Check-Out (CICO).


  1. Behavior Science review 
  2. Role of the SLT in an Intervention System 
  3. Check-in, Check-out (CICO) Intervention 
  4. Intervention Grid 
  5. Intervention System 
  6. Intervention Access and Effectiveness 
  7. Intervention System in Action 
  8. Training Logistics


  • Determine the distinctions between the work of the School Leadership Team (SLT) for Tier 1 and the Intervention System 
  • Accurately identify and respond to common misrules and questions related to CICO 
  • Prepare to develop a Professional Learning Plan for Tier 2 
  • Explain why the Intervention Grid is critical to efficient, effective, and equitable decision making with an Intervention System 
  • Use the Intervention Grid to match students to appropriate interventions and determine next steps based on data 
  • Determine how communication around data use and analysis flows through an Intervention System 
  • Identify how intervention access and effectiveness data contribute to an efficient, effective, and equitable Intervention System 
  • Practice "testing" an Intervention System to look for gaps in data or communication flow 
  • Determine next steps for providing Tier 2 Behavior System and CICO training to School Leadership Teams and Coaches