Funding for the MiMTSS TA CenterĀ comes from state and federal sources.

Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Grant Funded Initiative

The TA CenterĀ is an IDEA Grant Funded Initiative. IDEA Grant Funded Initiatives receive federal funds allocated by the IDEA that areĀ awarded through the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). This funding supports the TA Center training program.

State Personnel Development Grant

The grant, awarded by theĀ U.S. Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), is forĀ professional development forĀ districts and schools to helpĀ implement effective practices. The TA Center uses the funds to provide capacity-building tools and resources for districts that support implementation of MTSS.

State School Aid Act (Sec. 54b) Funds

The Michigan State School Aid Act allocates funding for the TA Center to pilot a program that will develop, enhance, and expand statewide systems of support for intermediate school districts and schools implementing an evidence-based, multi-tiered behavioral framework for improving behavioral outcomes and learning conditions for all students.

This funding is provided, in part, as an outcome of the recommendations of a special education reform task force. The pilot program, named the PBIS Intensive Support Project, will partner with at least three intermediate school districts to ensure that the TA Center can be implemented statewide with fidelity and sustainability.